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Framing Clamps is a leading authority on techniques
for skillfully joining picture frames at home.


David SchummyDavid Schummy a trade qualified picture framer has experience at both making frames since 1986 and teaching picture framers since 1992..

David is one of the advisors chosen by framing clamps to guide you. His experience gained through many years of working at the coalface of picture framing is distilled into simple to follow video guides that are guaranteed to improve your home and lifestyle.

If you have a picture frame to join, or need information on how to join a frame you have cut, you will find simple methods outlined on this site.

The benefits of learning to join a frame are beneficial to you in many ways.
• You will save money when you can join your own frames.
• You will impress your family and friends with the framed pictures you produce.
• You will receive great self-satisfaction from saying “I made that”
• Your self-esteem will skyrocket when you are successful.

framingclamps.com.au is committed to you benefiting through the knowledge contained in this site. Please email us with your suggestions and questions.

You will learn more about all aspects of picture framing when you watch our introductory training videos below.

Please have a look at what a framing clamp will do for you…

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